Welcoming our new brand DNA

Welcoming our new brand DNA
February 10, 2016 Haider

It is hard to find and make the time for ourselves while being busy with our precious customers. But this time, we said that it was so important to feel connected through one vision, that this brand essence by Alexander Imhoff is truly something that make us feel at Kainjoo part of one true family.

Remember, Kainjoo is composed of 2 key words, which are Kanjo for emotion and Kaizen for continuous progress. This is the skeleton of our promise: Emotion through continuous progress. You might ask: OK so what? What the hell means continuous progress and what link does it have with emotions.

That is exactly it. Less and less.

And this is what we are fighting for. Everyone is looking for the new stuff, the stuff that you can quickly setup, the 30 seconds elevator pitch. Sometimes, things aren’t that easy and we can’t do it the “Starbucks way” a.k.a. pitched during waiting your coffee.

Unfortunately, sometimes things needs to penetrate your mind by consistent repetition, in waves that will push you forward and help you change. This is why we took Kaizen as this evolutionary process for brands to setup and mute into more agile beast, adapting to their market easily and not becoming some big fossils people look in museums. The promise behind the brand is to ensure we can deliver what we pitch as ideas and not let them stay in keynotes.

If we can’t justify an idea from a business point of view it stays in the closet and this is not who we are. We ignite them, and this is how we came up with a strong and bold statement: We do not believe in business miracles, we build them. Indeed. Most of the ideas we might have or face are not technological challenges but mostly human related.

Choosing the Japanese theme cam naturally: Kaizen is a methodology coming from the rising sun while they uniquely balance this duality between innovation and tradition.

Kainjoo as a brand is a gateway, between a world full of possibilities, and very conservative industries. It is positioned on the hardest cases for the good reason to ignite this creative brain of ours and push us to the boundaries. Once we know what is possible and we setup the adoption machine internally, this is when the true fun begins.

Visually, the brand is pushing this duality syndrome into each elements, choosing clean font but a bold statement for instance, or rich ideas presented in black and white.

As always, quite hard to keep up to the best practices internally but we do wish to find the time to explore for us and this brand what we can do to live up to the promise. A brand is living beast so we will tame it along the way and also grow with it.


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