Existing customers

  • Can I get a paper copy of my invoice?

    As a customer, our invoices are all PDFs generated automatically. You should specifically request a paper version of all invoices as this is not done otherwise

  • What is the best way to join someone at Kainjoo?

    Kainjoo processes affect contact to a territory and a business unit. There is a high probability that if you entered in a contact with someone before, there would be still a single point of contact for you. You can use this website to find ad-hoc information related to your interactions within our group as many topics were designed to be self-served.

Human resources

  • Can an employee at Kainjoo refers for a job?

    Kainjoo leaders believe we are in a business of people for people. The answer is yes but it is nevertheless processed. If a Kainjoo employee refers to someone for an internal role or a customer, our internal team requires that candidate to still go through the usual discovery process. As a fair employer, Kainjoo will study the application like any other but would acknowledge the referral for further interview rounds, as well as compensation in case of recruitment bounties.

  • Where can I apply at Kainjoo?

    To submit your application is easy, just follow this link. Kainjoo Business Services HR consultants are working for our firms but also as an HR-as-a-service team for customers. There is a high chance to be a match so feel free to apply. If you are a recruitment agency and you interested to place a candidate, please contact us directly.


  • I want to remove my data. Is it possible?

    Kainjoo is obliged to give a list of all personal data collected for a data subject. This is also true when Kainjoo acts as a data processor for a third party such as customers. For any questions, use our contact forms for our DPO (Data Privacy Officer) to get back to you shortly.

  • Is Kainjoo collecting data?

    Yes. Kainjoo takes your privacy seriously and complies with the latest GDPR framework. In simple words, we would always ask consent before using your data, and would not keep data on file without a purpose that has been approved beforehand.


  • What is the best way to procure services to Kainjoo?

    If you are a vendor, we would be glad to know you better. Please note that our internal procurement team is working for us and for clients (procurement-as-a-service) and in both cases, Kainjoo consultants are running robust procurement saving programs. These are certifications for prefered, approved and new vendors to be given according to tests Kainjoo consultants propose. If you are happy to send us your application here, our team will review it and show you the next steps.

  • What are the payment terms at Kainjoo?

    Kainjoo pays its providers at 60d once the job has been received. Kainjoo’s internal rule reflects ones from our customers. Kainjoo Business Services calculate the average payment terms +/- 10% and adapts it to the procurement contract. A deviation could be requested to your Kainjoo Account Manager if you are eligible (smaller than 10 employees, turn over inferior to 1M€)